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Darius Rackus wins NSERC's <em>Science, Action!</em> 2016 Video Contest

Darius Rackus wins NSERC's Science, Action! 2016 Video Contest

Congratulations to Darius Rackus, a PhD student in the Wheeler Lab, who has won first place in NSERC's Science, Action! 2016 Video Contest! Darius's video Shrinking the Lab highlights the research and applications of digital microfluidics (DMF).

In the News:

New Research on Frustrated Lewis Pair Reactivity Highlighted by C&EN

New Research on Frustrated Lewis Pair Reactivity Highlighted by C&EN

In work recently published by J. Am. Chem. Soc. and highlighted by C&EN, a research team led by Prof. Geoffrey Ozin demonstrates that closely situated Lewis acidic and basic sites on the solid photocatalyst indium oxide act like solution-based molecular systems known as frustrated Lewis pairs (FLP). The discovery could lead to better design of catalysts for refinery processes involving small gaseous molecules such as H2, CO, and CO2. The team particularly sees this as a way forward for the future large-scale use of sunlight and CO2 for making fuels and chemicals. The work is the first example of extending the FLP concept, orgiinally developed by Prof. Doug Stephan, to surface chemistry.

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