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Congratulations Doug!

Congratulations Doug!

Doug Stephan is the recipient of the 2014 Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Award in the Individual category. This award is presented to a scientist, working in Canada, who has made significant contributions to advance green chemistry and/or engineering, including the technical, human health and environmental benefits.

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Congratulations Andrei

Congratulations Andrei

During a sabbatical, Professor Andrei Yudin launched a blog amphoteros.com. The Chemical and Engineering News recently asked Andrei to sum up his views on science blogging. Here is a link to this article: http://cenblog.org/grand-central/2014/03/guest-post-why-i-am-blogging-on-amphoteros-com-by-andrei-yudin/

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Ru-η6-arene complexes were investigated as Lewis acids. These species form Lewis acid-base adducts via coordination of the base to the ortho or para- carbons of the η6-arene ring as well as at the B center depending on the nature of the base. In addition these species also form frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs) with with sterically demanding donors. In some cases, these FLPs can effect H2 activation with hydride delivery to the ortho-position of the coordina...

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