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Aaron Wheeler Named To RSC College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

Aaron Wheeler Named To RSC College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

Congratulations to Professor Aaron Wheeler, who has been inducted into The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists of The Royal Society of Canada! This division of the 133-year old RSC recognizes high achievement, and especially interdisciplinary work, by Canadians and permanent residents at an early stage of their career. Members represent the emerging generation of scholarly, scientific and artistic leadership in Canada and are inducted within 15 years of earning their doctorates. Professor Wheeler has been recognized for his work on lab-on-a-chip technology and the development of microfluidic schemes for combinatorial peptide synthesis.

Read more at U of T News and at the Royal Society of Canada.

In the News:

Interview with Paul Brumer

Interview with Paul Brumer

Professor Paul Brumer has been highlighted by JPhysB in their first Featured Author interview. Brumer discusses current projects in his research group, which is focused on theoretical and computational studies of quantum coherence. Examples of this work include designing laser-based scenarios to control the dynamical evolution of molecules, which has applications such as controlling the dissociation of molecules, the collision of molecules, deposition of molecules on surfaces, and the chirality of molecules. Brumerís work on understanding the dynamical evolution of molecules irradiated with natural incoherent light, which is motivated by experimental developments in light harvesting systems, and interest in developing more efficient solar cells is also discussed, along with views on future directions for the field, and reflections on his career in chemical physics. Read the full interview at JPhys+.

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