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Inaugural Issue of e-Distillations:

Dear Chemistry Alumni:

I am pleased to share with you the inaugural edition of e-Distillations, featuring the latest news from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto.

Rob Batey, Professor and Chair


Congratulations Si Yue Guo!

Congratulations Si Yue Guo!

Please join me in congratulating Si Yue Guo (Polanyi group) who is a recipient of one of the 2015 Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Awards. The Cressy Awards recognize graduating students for outstanding contributions to improving the world around them and inspiring others to do the same. Si Yue has supported science fairs as a member of the 2011 Canada Wide Science Fair Host Committee and as a co-chair of the 2013-2014 Massey College Tutoring and Mentorship program for local high school students. She was a two-term executive of the Chemistry Graduate Student Union and organizer of academic and social events. Most recently, Si Yue co-created the Chemistry Funding Initiative, a grant that distributed $25 000 to projects proposed by students, faculty, and staff for enhancing the Chemistry department. Congratulations Si Yue!

In the News:

Professor Bernie Kraatz develops new compound that improves anti-cancer drug research

Professor Bernie Kraatz develops new compound that improves anti-cancer drug research

Professor Bernie Kraatz has developed a new process for monitoring the effectiveness of drugs - including ones used to fight cancer - that is easier, safer and less costly than its predecessors. The process uses a new compound to monitor protein kinases. Traditionally researchers monitored this group of enzymes using radioactive isotopes, which are expensive, have a short shelf-life, and are difficult to handle and dispose of. The new process replaces the radioactive label with a redox label. Researchers can add the safer compound to living cells and monitor an electrical signal the compound emits. The signal gives an accurate measure of kinase activity as it regulates metabolic pathways, cell communication, cell division, cell death, and other biochemical pathways. Over and under expression of kinase activity is linked with many diseases including cancer, and the ability to monitor the activity is crucial in measuring the effectiveness of treatments. Bernie’s discovery is featured in U of T News.

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