Nanolocomotion – Catalytic Nanomotors and Nanorotors

Tihana Mirkovic, Nicole S. Zacharia, Gregory D. Scholes, Geoffrey A. Ozin, Small, 2010,6, 159-167

Do the nanolocomotion with me: while it is well known that solution-phase chemistry provides a powerful means to synthesize nanostructures with controlled size and shape it is only very recently that chemistry has been used as a power source to make these nanostructures move in solution well beyond the Brownian limit. The cover illustration depicts four types of motion observed for bimetallic Au-Pt nanorod motors, chemically powered by the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide fuel to water and oxygen at the platinum segment. The motility modes include straight motion with stochastically occurring turns, rotation with one end tethered to the substrate, orbiting, spinning around its center of mass, and cooperative rotational mobility of two nanorods.

The Best of Advanced Materials, No 2

Advanced Materials cover graphic illustration of a high resolution transmission electron micrograph image of ultrathin bismuth sulphide nanowires with unprecedented diameter of only 1.6 nm, a size that bridges the fuzzy regime between molecular and nanoscopic depicts the dawn of the beginning of something new and exciting in materials chemistry and nanochemistry, emerging fields that never tire of reinventing themselves.

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This is the first time University of Toronto research has appeared on the front cover of Nature.

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